What we offer

  • • Warm, Friendly environment
  • • Quality of Life
  • • Tailored services
  • • Privacy and choice
  • • Fully-qualified staff
  • • We know how important it is to look after our care home residents with the dignity and respect-they deserve.
  • • Our residential care home is unique, propose-built residences that
  • • We are aware how important meal times are in our care home and we like them to remain a so-ciable and enjoyable part of the day, all meals are prepared by our chef from fresh, seasonal ingredients.
  • • Our care home offer a wide array of facilities.

Our services

  1. 1. Caring Assistance
  2. 2. Medical treatment (Daily Basis)
  3. (A) Dental (Weekly)
  4. (B) Physiotherapist (Weekly)
  5. (C) Hair Cut (Monthly)
  6. (D) Nail Cut (Clean) (Weekly)
  7. (E) Outing on weekly Basis (for those are able to travel)
  8. (F) Activities
    • Birthday of Residents
    • End of Year Party